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I’ve gotten lots of letters about Adam and his arrest. Ok, here are my thoughts….

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I don’t really want to get into my personal feelings about Adam. I will say, I can guarantee that he is going through on hell of a mind fuck right now though. I am sure that he is in a heavy depression right now, probly has had thoughts of suicide, and is (my opinion) probly detoxing as well.
People who have written me don’t seem to understand that he is facing 20 years. I am not sure how many felony counts he has confessed to, but from what I read, he confessed to everything they were going to charge him with. The fact that he was shipping narcotics, a controlled substance, illegally obtained, is enough that he will be in jail for quite a while.

Just because it was “only” pills does not lessen the penalties. This pills need 2 doctors signatures and is written in triplicate, these are heavy narcotics he was dealing. He is not going to be going to rehab and then gets probation. I am sure they also charged him with resisting arrest or evading arrest, attempting to destroy evidence and all the other bullshit charges they pile on, because the guy paniced, threw one of the socks and tried to run.

So, joking about it is not my idea of fun, when the guy sees his life as it was, OVER!

I don’t like our drug laws in this country and think that if people are gonna get high, nothing is going to stop them from getting high. I don’t think that he would be facing 20 years if he had 2 socks full of plastic explosive in them. I think it is ridiculous that anyone should be looking at 20 years in jail for 2 socks full of anything that is not intended to kill other people, like explosives or a deadly virus or spore like Anthrax.

Stupid = Yes
20 Years worth of Stupid = No

My 2 cents..

In Vegas, not part of the group and here is why…..

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The person putting the party on, I worked with last season getting HG’s there,
gave her my contact and connection at The Paris Hotel, along with other contacts in order to help promote the event she was putting on.

Anyhow, the “Charity Event” she is putting on this season, I was involved with from the start…
Even the fact of it being called a “Charity” event was my doing. And it was because I was sickened by what I had found out about passed charities I had done things for, where the smallest amount possible, by law, was actually going to help people and the rest was going into huge salaries for the people running them.

One of the reasons I bailed on this event was because you can call anything a charity event, as long as something goes to charity, but there is no % standard. So, you can put on an event where you pull in 100K, then claim all expenses, salaries and any other over head blah, blah, blah….. and the amount after all costs, loopholes and assholes….  donate $500 to let’s say…. The Charity for people who should be battered, solely because they are idiots foundation…. And you can tag it a charity, because the very minimum is donated(minus any costs etc…) to a charity that is again making sure that most goes to salaries and the minimum of the events minimum goes to the people you think it is all going to….. did you follow all that? 

Well you can put on a million dollar Charity event, and when it is all said and done…
it could end up that the real people it is supposed to go to end up getting $100.

Ask Nikki what % is going to these 5 charities, if they are real charities at all. I don’t know, I didn’t get as far as to look into them. When we got to that point is when she tried to rush everything passed me and I had told her I wanted to pick ONE charity that people would know, instead… never heard of any of them and why so many? When she says she is not making money on the event anyhow…  And you can get sponsorships, which is just money from big companies so they can advertize their product at the event, and say that is not part of the receipts or ticket sales for the event and put that money in your pocket without giving a dime of those thousands of dollars to any charity at all.

She left a couple passed HG’s stranded in Vegas.
I understand why she wasn’t happy with them, but fucking with their tickets and… well, it wasn’t right how it all panned out.

She used my connection in Vegas and still owes them close to 10K which is why she would continually push the location she is doing it at this year on me, and when I would mention we needed to speak to them at Paris, she again would try to rush things by me…

Finally I had had enough and found out how much the charities were getting, found out she owed money from last year still and how she used me and my other contacts and just told her to go choke on a cock, that I was done and out…..  

So, that is why I am not there, for everyone asking.

But if you want to shoot the shit or have a beer, I am at The Paris Hotel till late Sunday and will be at The Hard Rock Hotel Monday & Tues.
Look for me at the $5 slots or the Roulette tables.

Tues, I am a judge for the Miss Hawaiian Tropic shin dig as well.


And lastly… I have had some of you telling me that Krista from BB2 has been talking shit and spreading lies about me, which is very unfortunate and she will end up looking like an idiot, but I haven’t seen it directly and at this point and don’t want to respond until I do see what she wrote myself.

But I can say that I didn’t pocket any money from a guitar auctioned, because it was never sold and I am still in possession of it. Besides the fact that it is mine and can do anything I like with it. I ended up with it after the Rock Against Diabetes Charity ended up stiffing almost everyone who performed or participated in the event.

I think she has some balls talking about me period without even contacting me about this. I can also say that I had asked her for information on the charity she works with a number of times and she never provided anything.

Everyone that signed that guitar, signed it because I asked them to and told them that it would be donated.

And it will be. Along with the pots and pans I bought from CBS that I used to bang over Dustin’s head that morning.

I have done a lot for a few different charities with good intent. The more involved I got, the more bullshit I saw. So, before getting involved with any more of them, I want to see things in writing…. period. And if that is too much to ask, well then they are more than likely one that I don’t want to associate myself with anyhow. I have learned that even though you choose something you believe in to back… the money you are helping them raise (the lion’s share of it anyhow) to help people with a disease or find a cure for a disease… that you need to see for yourself that the money is going where you think, where you are told it is going and not helping the founder live in Beverly Hills with a Rolls in the garage and shit like that. So many charities might be “legal” and by law can call themselves a charity, but that does not mean they are not corrupt….

So, fuck you Krista.

Backyard interviews with Big Brother 11 cast

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The backyard interviews with the cast of this season is tomorrow after the finale show.
I will be doing it with Stickam and it will be done LIVE for the first time ever.

Watch at these places….




Interviews, Appearance on the show, Chats and for the first time ever…..

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Tomorrow I will be making an appearance on Big Brother along with Boogie, Danielle Reyes from BB3 and Janelle. So, you better watch.

Saturday I am doing a radio interview, I will post the link soon.

Sunday after the show, I will be chatting at (it is not confirmed…. yet. So check back to be certain.) www.JokersUpdates.com @ 5pm pacific time.

Monday I will be doing a chat for Morty’s @ 5pm pacific time. This one is confirmed.
And this one will be at www…/eveldick

Tuesday I will be doing the backyard interviews “live” from the Big Brother house.
I will see about doing some pre-show talking with former Houseguests and whoever I run into there. And after the show airs on the east coast, we will be live from the backyard talking with each of the Houseguests one at a time. It’s the same as you have seen me do the last couple seasons for Real Player, but with none of their bullshit edit jobs and no waiting for days for them to come out in dribs and drabs. You will see it as it happens.

And you will be able to catch the interviews 3 or 4 places. There will be widgets where you can go to the sites and watch them without leaving the site there. I think that both Morty’s and Jokers we have the basic agreements down, but we are finalizing the deals this week… You will also be able to find it on the front page of Stickam. But please check back and I will confirm where, when and how in a couple days.

This should be fun this time around. And through the sites you will be able to, or I will be able to ask some of the questions that YOU want to ask them. I’ll be getting lists of questions for the HG’s and I will pull from them a question or two per HG. I will also be checking the boards on those sites and possibly the chats while we are live.

That’s it for now….

Let me touch on this now and get it out of the way while I have your attention…

With Real Player fucking me over this season within a couple weeks of the time I normally would have started my webcast, I did what I could and scrambled to get everything together to make it happen without those assholes, But it was a bit much for me, not knowing shit about any of it besides talking shit into a mic and camera. And there is a lot involved, and it is very expensive as well….
I bit off more than I could chew and the thing took over my life for a while until I had had enough of all the idiots that work at computer superstores (Frys) selling me the wrong shit, people telling me to get the wrong shit and not really having anyone reliable that I could depend on to get anything else done. You know the type, they cause more work than they actually get done.

So, I didn’t want to put out a shit product, I had no time to work on content or guests at all, it was all devoted to computer hardware, cameras, building a set, mics, cords, tossing a computer off my balcony into the pool from the 3rd story put me behind a little, as did the broken knuckle I suffered from punching the wall out of frustration (note to self, do not punch the wall left handed anymore and take a quick look to be sure you aren’t gonna hit the beam… )

A couple other things I learned from this experience with RealPlayer was not ever let a pencil pushing geek that works for a big corporation isolate you from everyone else in the company, so all your ideas are going directly to him and he is taking credit for and getting paid for them as his own…. or lead you to believe that he is really looking out for your best interest, when in fact, buffing his bosses balls are on the top of his agenda and nose. The only thing that matters is climbing the corperate ladder to the next set of balls.

So, here’s a big FUCK YOU to Matt Calder, who after having phone meetings and coming to an agreement on salary, which their lawyers were supposed to write up, but mysteriously never did, and with just over 2 weeks before go day, told me that they could only pay me a third of our agreement, which was the same as the years prior…….

So, FUCK YOU MATT CALDER, here’s to hoping you choke on the next set of balls you are licking…. and feel free to write and tell Matt that I am giving him the one finger salute and that he is welcome to have a seat…. and you can write him at


Tell him Dick sent ya….

And on a better and more interesting note…..

if you are interested at all in sending Gretchen Massey, who was the host of HouseCalls from start to finish, she is as pregnant as Julie and ready to break water any day now. Feel free to message any well wishes to me here and I will pass them along.


Final 3.. The worst final 3 ever? Big CBS Announcement!

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Big Announcement….

The final three is so fucking horrible this year that they are going to have a triple eviction and tell them all to kill themselves, that they suck, America hates them (except Jordan, but she won’t understand anyhow) and that they are replacing them with myself, JP, MB & DR. That way at least someone might watch the final episodes and give a fuck what happens.

But CBS will have something to say today….
Listen for it and watch thurs

Thoughts on BB11

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Most of this was a response to an article written,
but I added a bit more commentary to it.
It talked about how Jeff needed to keep Russel in order to win.

I always believed and played with the thought that it was a higher priority to get there.

You can’t win if you don’t make it to the end.

This season will go down in BB history as the biggest piece of crap if Nat, Kevin or even Jordan (IMO) wins. They don’t even deserve to be there, seriously.

Nat is a nutswinger, and if Jesse didn’t have balls big enough to carry all those wacky chicks they would have all been gone earlier.

Jordan has done? I mean besides gaining weight? I think she woke up last week and finally realized she wasn’t in Kansas anymore, before then spending the next two days looking for her dog Toto. Her best move was making Jeff her showmance, end of story. She hasn’t done much more than if Jesse were still in the house and it were Nat we are talking about. She is just more likable, but not much on the table so far as game play.

Kevin told 1 good lie that will get Russel the boot. Otherwise what the hell has he done besides stress out over his pimples?

Could you imagine Nat & Jordan final two? How about Kevin & Nat? Uuuuughhh….

Jeff & Michelle are the two I would like to see. There is still time for Michelle to pull off a bold move, which I believe she would need to really tighten things up with the jury. But she would probly still lose against Jeff.

BTW, in the rules it does state that if a jury member leaves that the vote is America’s. And Jeff would get that vote even if Michelle gets the opportunity to make that bold move… because he is prettier than Michelle.

He has Jordan’s vote.
Jesse’s ego will give Jeff his vote (best game move)

You think Michelle will get to take a juror to an island to turn their vote?

Me either.

To the weebles wabble but … shaped Houseguest

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To the weebles wabble shaped HG…. 
After less than 3 evictions…

you have cried for your wife, cried cause you were picked on and called a geek (if the shoe fits) and barricading yourself in the HOH to keep from crying…. 

And now, because you are swinging from Jesse’s nutsack, you proclaim that you own that house….? 
You better thank whatever God geeks worship that I wasn’t on your season, Pussy… Or you’d be crying more than Amber & Bunky combined, begging them in the diary room to self evict.

Live Webcast today at 4pm Pacific time

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Live Webcast today at 4pm Pacific time.  http://www.stickam.com/EvelDick  for “Fun with Dick & Janie” :D

“Fun with Dick & Janie” update from Dick and Joe

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Dick and Joe give an update on RealPlayer show as well as the new webcast with Janelle, “Fun with Dick & Janie”

To help out a friend, maybe one of you needs or wants this car…

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This is a letter I got on here and I am hoping someone might be in the market for this car. It would help out a good guy that could use a bit of fun at this time in his life.

Thanks for coming by to read it regardless if you want or need it or are just nosey… maybe you can help by spreading the word and helping him sell this car.

And it sounds like a date to Hawaii wouldn’t hurt either, as a matter of fact……. wouldn’t hurt me. lol…

But hey, what the hell, might as well ask, all they can say is no. And you are no worse off than before..


From: michael
To: EvelDick 
Date: Jun 12, 2009 12:43 AM
Subject: American Idol Ford Fusion Sport I WON!


Do you or any of your friends want to buy the car I won from American Idol and Ford….I was the Week six winner of a 2010 American Idol Inspired Ford Fusion Sport and frickin’ can’t drive it because I was somehow got a Pineal brain tumor last August……FOR REAL DUDE…..PS..I can hardly wait for BB this year…it keeps me holding on man   :)  :(   I gotta have something to be happy for…

sincerely, Michael G. Vaughn 

This was the next letter I got after asking, I am sure too many questions…

And after that holding on comment, I will be hoping for a good season

Hey, I gotta tell ya man, my head tumor sucks.!!! I’d like to bang pans in the worlds face too sometimes. I need to go to Amersterdam a.s.a possible…..for real man…weed is my only hope for peace. I grew up on Oahu, Hawaii and miss my beach bra! Arizona is way too far inland mainland…

Hook me up with a nice girl who can travel…vacation is the right thing to do with all this money

Post anything that could help someone who wants this car…

sincerely, michael g. vaughn…

Feel free to repost this wherever you feel it would be an appropriate place.

Thanks again and I am sure that Michael thanks you.